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Lockhart River Art


The Artists


The artists of Lockhart River Art Centre have been recognised for many years, both nationally and internationally, as “The Art Gang”. The Art Gang formed in 1995 with a group of young artists just out of school. In the same sense that those who worked on the roads were called the “The Road Gang”, this young group of teenagers worked on art.

Today, many artists spanning different generations visit the art centre to work in the mediums of acrylic painting, ceramic, weaving and carving. In addition, many others come in on an ad-hoc basis to paint when they feel like it or as part of our community development activities.

Painters and craftspeople at the centre include “The Old Girls”, a respected group of elders (pictured above, photo courtesy of David Brown) who have taken the art world by storm with their vibrant art works. Their work is amongst the country’s most collectable.

Also included are younger contemporary artists who have been the recipients of prizes and awards, and whose work is included in major public and private collections.

The Art


Lockhart River art reflects a contemporary response to the environment, culture and traditions of this remote Cape York community. It also expresses some of the realities of life in the community and the strength and influence of traditional culture and values.

Lockhart artists have cultivated their own forms of expression, which are very different to styles from other parts of Indigenous Australia. The art from Lockhart River promotes the unique identity and culture of the local Sandbeach people in contemporary Australian art.

The Country


Lockhart River Aboriginal community is 850 kms north of Cairns and is nestled between Quintell Beach and nearby lush lowland rain forest, which boasts a bird life that draws watchers from across the world. The beach is dramatic and spectacular and features as a common thread in the artists' work.

Many of the language groups from this area have traditionally lived close to the beach which has always provided an excellent source of food. Fishing is still one of the most popular pastimes at Lockhart River. (photos courtesy of David Brown)



The Centre

The Lockhart River Art Centre is a registered Indigenous corporation managed by a small team of staff. The centre relies on government funding and sales of art work for its survival. From the sale of each painting 50% is paid directly to the artist who then shares their funds with the rest of their community and family. The remaining 50% is put back into supporting artists, with the art centre providing artists with canvas, paints, brushes, exhibitions, exhibition-related travel, workshops etc.





Art Gang” is a trade mark of Lockhart River Indigenous Corporation and may not be used by other art centres or artists not recognised as a current member of Lockhart River Indigenous Corporation.

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